Big B on Warped Tour

Warped Tour may not seem like the place for rap, but Las Vegas rapper Big B is making his debut on the touring summer festival this year and from the sound of things he’s fitting in just fine. B, whose most recent album, Good Times & Bad Advice, came out last year tells us about his first summer on Warped and his suggestions for staying cool in the sweltering heat.

Is this your first Warped Tour?
Yeah it’s my first time. We’ve talked about it before, but it never was the right now. This made sense because Scott Russo and the Unwritten Law guys would be out there and there’s some friends of ours out there too—The Expendables guys, Pepper. There’s a lot of friends out here so it’s a good thing for us right now. It’s like a man camp.

What’s your impression of the festival so far?
Just a whole bunch of kids coming out to have a good time. I can’t believe they come out so early and they stay in the sun all day and they love music and there’s so many different types of bands. It’s good. Warped Tour for me so far has been a great experience because there’s just so much to do. And the bands are so different so if you don’t like one thing you can walk 100 feet and you’re at a different stage with different music.

Do you think your music fits in with the tone of the festival?
I do. We have a little bit of everything—punk rock, reggae, even country. I just make fun music. I think our hardcore fans are coming out too, but new people are getting into me. If they’re open-minded, we’re a great band. We’ve been doing good, the crowds have been good. Every show seems like it’s getting bigger.

Have you changed your set at all for the festival?
Nope I just keep doing the same thing. That’s the thing with me, it doesn’t really benefit me to alter the show and try to convince people they enjoy it and then the next time they come back to a Big B it’s different. I don’t want to change it to turn people into fans, you know? I just do the same thing. For the last two years I’ve been playing with a full band anyway so it’s easy to come out and do it.

What do you think it is about Warped Tour that’s allowed it to last for so long?
It never really went corporate. It’s still run by guys who like music. A corporate company’s not running it. They didn’t get bought out by some big company that would just run it into the ground. They still take pride in it. The guys who like Warped Tour still see it as their baby and it’s not a cash cow to them. You can tell that by the BBQs they have after the shows and stuff. It’s just cool that they’re giving back to the bands and trying to make it a fun experience instead of just trying to profit. I think that’s why it’s lasted—the bands are good and there’s a good team of people who are running it.

What’s the best way for fans to survive a day at Warped Tour?
I would try to invent a mobile backpack that’s like an AC unit you can strap to your back. Go over the Wal-Mart, spend a few bucks on a battery pack. How about like an AC spacesuit? That would be the best thing I think. And if you’re not real crafty with the tool then maybe some sunblock. Tons of water. They have filling stations here. It’s no joke.