Hart and Huntington Tattoo Present 2 Lanes of Freedom Ride Cali to Vegas




H&H Tattoo along with UNKNOWN Industries and F$uck cancer bring you the 2nd Annual Benefit Ride.


The Jason Ellis Show Live at Vinyl

Guest Include:
Carey Hart, Big B, Sabina Kelly and more!


Fuck Cancer Silent Auction
Ink x Rock x Moto Silent Art and Memorabilia Auction
2pm-7pm in the Paradise Tower Ballroom

Team Autograph Meet and Greet

6-7pm in the Paradise Tower Ballroom


FMX Legend Carey Hart
Profesional Skateboarder and Radio Personality Jason Ellis
X Games Gold Medelist Mike Mason and Lance Coury
Also, International Pin Up Model Sabina Kelley!

Rocktober Kick Off Party at Paradise Pool
with Strung Out
Big B
And Main Event

Tickets available at the Hard Rock Box Office or click here 

$20 Ages 21 and up
$30 Ages 16-20
Doors at 8pm

Friday Night:

Rocktober SX After Party Hosted By Jason Ellis at Body English Nightclub with DJ Koko

Doors at 10:30pm

Tickets HRH Box Office *Dress Code Enforced*



at the Rehab Pool 2pm
UNKNOWN Ind. hosts Ink Saturdays at The Ainsworth

$6 Cold Cock Whisky  Shots all night long with 100% of sales going to Fxck Cancer
DJ Fader Rock Mashups On the Ones and Twos
Doors at 10pm



Hart and Huntington Present Main Event, We Gave It Hell and Audiovibe, & Crash Kit


Hart & Huntington Present
feat Mike Mason (X Game Gold Medal Winner )
with We Gave It Hell and Audiovibe, Crash Kit

Free tix available online at

or $5 cover at the door

Doors 8pm. Show 21+

A Day on the block with Bobby Lee and Mike Mason

The Hart and Huntington FMX team is at the MDP Block on Larry Linkogle property for a nice shred session. Bobby Lee, Lance Coury, Mike Mason, Garrett Ahlf, Jeff Griffin and Cassidy Loser were all having some fun hanging out and getting some sick shots with the beautiful winery landscape. In this episode Link talks about Bobby Lee’s progression and times of the past. Also we hear from Mike Mason and his thoughts on riding the OG spot of FMX.

Alot of time, effort, crew and talent went into making this film happen, so thank you!

CREDITS: Produced/Edited by Jeremy Merrell (merrellmedia.com)
H&H Marketing Dir. Jason Mangold (Project manager)
Special Thanks to my production team:
www.aerialphotoworx.com Aerial camera unit: Will Heim (HeliCam Pilot) Scott G (Aerial Cam. Gimbal Op.) Jake Ward (Aerial Video Coordinator)
Bryant Lambert “dirty media” (D.P) insane high speed camera shots, interviews) David Colley teamshortcourse.com (Crane & additional Cam Op., interviews) Tony Brown (Cam Op. sick angles)

Model Manager: Crystal Lyn Cannon Models: Candice Lorraine Wurster, Sarai Rollins, Pamela moses, Pilar Alexandria, Olivia Korte, Michelle Wasler, Marissa Kimberlin, Design/Stylist: Jennifer Merrell, Makeup: Jenna Murray, Brittany Moya, Amanda Scarlet

Music provided by: Pennywise, NOFX and T.S.O.L

Please Enjoy, Part 3 then a full length premiere so we can throw a PARTY!

Special Thanks to Aerial Photo Worx for all the sick aerial shots www.aerialphotoworx.com
Attitude Toyhaulers for hooking up the models lounge area. www.attitude-toyhaulers.com

H&H FMX Visits The MDP Block Part: Uno

The Hart and Huntington FMX team is at the MDP Block on Larry Linkogle’s property for a nice shred session. Bobby Lee, Lance Coury, Mike Mason, Garrett Ahlf, Jeff Griffin and Cassidy Loser were all having some fun hanging out and getting some sick shots with the beautiful winery landscape. Interviews and more to come from these guys in Part 2! Stay tuned!

Mason and Coury to compete in Barcelona Speed and Style


May 14th, 2013

Hart and Huntington Rider Update –

Lance Coury and Mike Mason will compete in Barcelona, Spain, for the second stop of Global X Games from May 16th – 20th. Lance Coury is fresh off a Gold Medal performance at X Games Brazil, and is hoping to repeat that success in Barcelona. “I had a great time winning gold at X Games Brazil and I look forward to competing again at X Games in Spain!” said Coury.


Lance may be a newcomer on the X Games scene, but he is no stranger to the Hart and Huntington team or the motocross world. He has been part of the Hart and Huntington team for over 4 years now, first riding for Hart and Huntington clothing, and now under the RCH Racing tent riding a Dodge/Hart and Huntington/Sycuan/Suzuki as well.
“We are really excited and proud of Lance for bringing home a gold medal for the Hart and Huntington team while competing in Brazil as a rookie. This is a true testament to all of Lance’s mental and physical dedication and training efforts in his private facility in Wyvern, Ca. Lance will be tough to beat in the upcoming Speed and Style event in Barcelona, and we’re expecting some additional hardware to come home with him May 17th!” commented Josh Merrell from Hart and Huntington.


Unlike Coury, Mason is no stranger to the X Games circuit. He won a gold in this event Last year in LA and a silver medal in 2011 and has had a total of six top-5 finishes since 2006. After a year hiatus, Mason has rejoined the team for 2013. “I’m pumped to be back on the Hart and Huntington crew. These guys have been like family to me for the past 7 years and I now realize this is where I belong. We got a good group of kids on board to make the FMX team as strong as it has ever been. I’m really excited for this next year to do my thing and hopefully bring the H&H crew a gold at X games, as well as keep building this program and get the H&H name out to as many markets as we can and make this thing grow more than it already has!”

The action gets under way in Barcelona on May 16th, with Speed and Style scheduled Friday May 17th. Team owner Carey Hart is “Really excited that two of our athletes are going to be battling for the gold medal in Barcelona. I hope both of them come home with medals at the end of the event.”

RCH at Sycuan Casino

Mike Mason FMX Style God

Mike Mason and the definition of picture-perfect style and extension.

Years ago, I can recall riding with Mike Mason at a small town arena cross race in Red Bluff, Calif. There, for the first time, I witnessed the epic style that is known as ‘Mike Mason.’ FMX was not even considered a sport then, but that didn’t stop Mike from throwing the most ridiculously extended supermans and no-footed can-cans.

Years later, Mike Mason remains one of the most naturally talented and flowing riders in the sport of FMX. His tricks are consistently floaters and always huge. Not only that, Mike is one of the funniest guys in the scene and always looking at the brighter side of things. After jokingly challenging him to a fight at EllisMania (which he declined), I decided that it was time to pay my respects and interview Mike. This is Mike Mason.

ESPN.com: What have you been up to lately?
Mason: Not a whole lot!! Did some Euro shows for a bit and now I am actually at rehearsals for Nuclear Cowboyz!

When did you start riding?
I got my first bike when I was 5. I’m 30 now so that’s a long time of putting helmets on my little bald head.

Did you grow up riding in the desert area of Reno?
Yeah for sure. At my parent’s house, we could ride right out of the driveway and into the hills so me, pops, Dustin Miller, and Brian Foster would always go riding.

Chris TedescoEven upside down, Mike Mason holds onto his style. Bad joke, I know.

How long did you race for?
I raced for about 15 years, got hurt a bit in 2002-2003 and was just over all of it! I was pretty sure I was going to quit, but Dustin Miller gave me one of his old Honda’s and let me move in with him, so that at least kept me on the bike and riding with my friends.

When did you commit to FMX full-time?
2004 was my first full year. I did Marc Burnett’s tour that year as well as some IFMA’s. I was having so much fun riding again, and it was exactly what I needed.

You did a lot of the freestyle half time shows when you raced arena cross. Did you ever think that you could make a living doing tricks back then?
I never once thought that. I did the weakest tricks during arena cross. The guys who were riding contests were doing so much more gnarly things on a bike — I always figured freestyle would just be a hobby.

Is it just a natural instinct to flow like you do, or do you have to work at it?
I’m not sure what it is. I think as a kid I was just such a student of the sport. I would watch McGrath and Matiasevich and just do anything they do, whether it’s the way they jump or how they wore their gear. I was seriously a nerd when it came to moto! I look back now and attribute a lot of what I do on a bike to studying moto as a kid.

Can you describe what’s going through your mind when you’re doing those huge floater tricks like holy mans, rock solids?
The only thing going through my mind is that I want to do this trick bigger and better than anyone. I don’t have much to brag about anymore when it comes to FMX tricks, so the stuff I do I make sure it looks decent.

Chris TedescoPerfect extension at last year’s Salt Lake City Dew Tour stop.

What is your favorite trick to do?
Call me a weirdo but I really like old school Shaolins!

Is there a want in you to make your tricks look really good or is it just you wanting to execute all the steps of a trick perfectly that contribute to you making them look really good?
Yeah, all my tricks that I do, I want to be perfect. To this day I still practice double grabs just to make sure that my legs are as high as they can get. I know it doesn’t seem like I’m motivated, but the fact is I’m just scared of some flip tricks. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t still ride a lot and critique every aspect of what I do.

Is there one thing you can contribute to your style?
Jeremy McGrath circa 1993. That’s all you need to know!