Crooked World BMX with Heath Pinter and Jared Eberwein

Published on Aug 15, 2013

Free Agent Pro Team riders Jared Eberwein and Heath Pinter go at each other’s throats in this episode of Calling The Shots. Jared and Heath ride together nearly every day so they know how to push each other’s buttons, until Biz shows up to poach their session and Brian Castillo heckles Heat about proper superman etiquette.

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Harley Davidson Freedom Tour with Heath Pinter

The Taste of Freedom Tour follows 5 influencers as they learn how to ride and the adventures they have along the way. Over the course of one summer, these 5 individuals will experience the freedom that only comes with riding a Harley-Davidson. Influencers: Greg Lutzka (Pro Skater), Astronautalis (Hip-Hop Artist ), Mike Chiesa (UFC Fighter ), Ray Frenden (Artist), and Cole Rise (Photographer).

Guest Appearances by:
Heath Pinter — Pro BMX rider

The third stop of the Taste of Freedom Tour takes the #Independents to Big Bear, CA. In this episode, Heath Pinter meets up with the riders to show them the area. From beginner to Independent, the crew is ready to take on the winding mountain roads of Big Bear and beyond.

Day In The Life With BMX’er Heath Pinter On Crooked World

Many people know Heath as a stylish dirt jumper and trail building perfectionist, but his roots in snowboarding go way back. Before he was making a dime in the BMX world Heath was throwing down in Tahoe and still loves shredding Bear with the homies! Guest appearances by Mike Escamilla, Andrew Lazaruk, Jared Eberwein, TJ Ellis and Corey Bohan!

Heath in France

Heath just returned from the south of France. The south of France is well know for its strong trail scene and loads of underground trail spots in the woods. Vans throws a trail contest “Kill the Line” every year at the world renown Peynier trails. Peynier Trails are Frances longest running trail spot being 20 years deep. First stop was hitting Kill the Line then heading through the south hitting these great spots for a week with 25 riders from all over the World. Heres a few pics from Heaths trip. Keep posted for a video coming soon.

1st Annual Hart and Huntington Wyvern Camp Out Trip

New Jumps

With minimal rain fall this winter its been a mission to ad new jumps in my back yard. Finally gave in, ordered some equipment and went to work. Heres a few photos of the progress, stuck tractors, broken fences and some awesome new jumps. I will post new images as the yard gets finished along with a short video. – Heath

Palm Springs

Wind in Southern California has been making riding almost impossible for the last week. Today Andrew and I charged out to Palmsprings to avoid wind in Riverside. Luckily we scored perfect weather and an empty park. Palmsprings has a ton to ride and awesome skateparks. Heres a few I Phone pics. – Heath