Supercross Team Autograph Signings this weekend in Las Vegas

Dodge/Sycuan Casino/Hart and Huntington/Bel-Ray Racing Supercross Team Autograph Signings this weekend in Las Vegas

Chapman Dodge – Thursday, May 3rd feat. Carey Hart, Travis Pastrana, TJ Lavin, and Miss Supercross
Hart and Huntington Tattoo Shop – Friday, May 4th at Hart and Huntington Tattoo Shop

Carlsbad, CA (May 1, 2011) – Join us for two (2) nights of fun and excitement to kick off the Monster Energy Supercross Finale weekend in Las Vegas!!

Come meet the Dodge/Sycuan Casino/Hart and Huntington/Bel-Ray Racing Supercross team this Thursday, May 3rd from 6pm-9pm at Chapman Dodge in Las Vegas. Special guests include Carey Hart, Travis Pastrana, TJ Lavin, and Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren; live music by Cash’d Out, a Johnny Cash cover band, and a LivFast freestyle motocross demo on site!

When: Thursday, May 3rd 6pm-9pm
Autograph signing 7:30pm-9pm

Where: Chapman Dodge
3715 East Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
(702) 457-1061

Who: Carey Hart, Ivan Tedesco, Josh Hill, Kyle Partridge, Josh Hansen, Travis Pastrana,
TJ Lavin, Dianna Dahlgren, Cash’d Out, and LivFast

Giveaways: Chapman Dodge is giving away a KLX 110 along with free Hart and Huntington
giveaways, free samples of Monster Energy, and Forgiven, the 1st alcohol metabolizer.

Two nights of free fun to start your weekend off right!!

When: Friday May 4th 7:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Hart and Huntington Tattoo Shop (inside the Hard Rock)

Who: Carey Hart and the Dodge/Sycuan Casino/Hart and Huntington/Bel-Ray racing team

Hart and Huntington Rally Back, Ink Rock Moto 3

The Hart and Huntington Supercross team is powering back with Ivan Tedesco returning from a knee injury to make a crucial first race return at New Orleans. Teammate Kyle Partridge continues his recovery after going down at the St. Louis Monster Energy Supercross. Carey Hart’s Hart and Huntington team can’t catch a break this season, but it’s only making them stronger.

H&H Off-Road Takes Home Twin PRO-4 Trophies

Hart and Huntington Off Road Sweeps Up After Lake Elsinore
Takes Home Twin PRO-4 Trophies

April 25th, 2012 – Lake Elsinore, CA
After Rounds 3 & 4, Hart and Huntington Off Road’s snapshot assessment of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race weekend at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park is that the team has an optimistic view of the 2012 season.

“We are only going to get faster and more consistent from here on out,” claims Ryan Busnardo, Team Leader for Premiere Motorsports Group. “We have been working really hard, and it is finally feeling like we have all the gears of the PMG Machine turning and working together in the right direction.” Josh Merrell proved that point by earning back-to-back 3rd place podiums in the #22 MAVTV PRO-4.

“Racing in off road is not for the meek or meager,” stated Merrell while toasting a Sunday evening celebration. “We have put in our time, and picked ourselves up after dealing with the struggles of off road closed course racing. We did our homework and our performance shows that we are competitive and can race for the lead. I am proud of what we have accomplished, but I am not satisfied. I want the top box and we are going to continue to improve till we get there. Thank you Premiere Motorsports Group for your dedication. Thank you General Tire and MAVTV for sticking with us. And we cannot forget all our fans out there who came to support us. Here is to achieving the next goal, winning!”

As Merrell’s #22 PRO-4 program takes form, Premiere Motorsports Group continues to shape three more race efforts that are new for the 2012 season.

With the #46 eBay Motors PRO-4 campaigning all year and Carey Hart committed to a specific schedule, we can look forward to further development and improved results. Hart is bonafide racer and genuine motorhead. “It comes down to seat time,” declared Carey. “I am pleased that we finished both rounds this weekend. I am just getting started again so I was focused on not making mistakes or tearing up the equipment. Hey, we did that and I even got to drive my wife around with the General Tire 2-Seater for a couple laps. I know we have a test session planned before the next rounds of racing at Speedworld and I will take full advantage of every opportunity to make myself a better racer.”

Ryan Beat has made major improvements and put up solid numbers with his new born ProLite effort. For Round 3, Beat proved once again that he is a contender in anything he drives. In a field of 24, Ryan finished 7th with many great battles of back forth contention against a track full of fast trucks. For Round 4, Ryan was supposed to start the #51 Premiere Motorsports Group /Black Rhino ProLite from the 10th position, however during a bogus start the field would be shuffled up and Ryan was stuck back in 17th for the green flag. No matter to Beat, he put his head down and did work climbing back up through the field to claim another 7th place finish. “You know, my hats off to the guys that race clean out there, but so far this year, there are a couple too many bone heads that are crashing into trucks. I think everyone should be able to do a better job. It really slows everything down when you have to fix my already working truck.
I am here to race, so I would rather steer clear of those maniacs while trying to gain position. I know we will get up on the box this year and its only a matter of time.”

As the team prepares for Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Rounds 5 & 6, Robert Naughton looks forward to racing the #54 Lunarpages PRO-2 at his home track in Surprise, Arizona at Speedworld Off Road Park. “We got a raw deal on Saturday with the gas pedal braking off and then it was nothing but a racing accident on Sunday that took us out. It was a total bummer because I need the seat time in this new truck and I really wanted to see how the truck handled after making all the changes. So far we have not clicked off to many laps to know where we are at, so we are going to burn some laps before Speedworld. I am excited to be back out racing and expect to be battling in the front of the PRO-2 field sooner rather than later.”

At Premiere Motorsports Group, our efforts are never wasted. Each experience is turned into a lesson and it is often applied down the road. We look, we listen, we collaborate and we wear our heart on our sleeves. The mentality gives us a sharp edge to work with and you need to have progression in a successful race program.

Merrell Kicking Off Round 3 With a Podium Finish

April 22st 2012 – Lake Elsinore, CA
Round 3 is complete. The Lucas Oil Off Road Pits have melted the night away and a few hundred hard working guys are burning the candle at both ends. It is time for the chore of rebuilding what has been busted, crunched, and or destroyed. It is expensive. It is time consuming and it is hard work that requires fortitude and precision.

With that being said, don’t show up to race without bravado and a solid study on how to do it better and faster than your opponents. In the Hart and Huntington Off Road Compound, it is a lot of discussion, review and consultation that makes up the strategy. Premiere Motorsports Group has provided the tools and equipment for Josh Merrell to apply his will out on the race track.

PRO-4 racing kicked off with a fabulous opening ceremony that reflects the impressive creation at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park produced by the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. When the green flag dropped a furious frenzy of fire breathing 4WD monsters let loose. Merrell emerged with the #22 MAVTV Truck in front. He made quick work of a fast driving Eric Barron in the #32 Truck and brought it up even further to 4th place by lap 2. From that point on it was a battle for Josh to control the truck and retain position and forged for more. “That really was a struggle. We started with brand new brakes, and almost right away the front right had locked up, commented Josh. The glowing hot calipers were clearly visible from any seat in the house. “It was pushing so hard in the corners, I practically had to do a repetitive combination of maneuvers to rotate the truck. These corners are really tight and the track is super technical. When I can drive at a 100%, we are going to put this truck on the top of the podium.”
Merrell was not only able to hang on; he raced through adversity and claimed a 3rd place finish despite a late lap miscue and even a later 3 truck tangle spin out with Corry Weller and Todd Leduc. Josh came out on top thanks to the General Tires gaining traction before the others.

PRO-4 Team Mate, Carey Hart started off strong and maintained with the pack racing for track territory. The pace soon fell off a bit as the #46 eBay Motors Truck began to show its age. A fuel pick up issue starved Carey’s chances of being a factor in Round 3. Hart did however keep the truck together with no serious harm. The Premiere Motorsports Group has addressed all possible symptoms and is looking forward to the Hart and Huntington PRO-4 Team challenging the division.

river of the Lunarpages #54 PRO-2, Robert Naughton efforts in his new ride were surrender by a mid race mechanical failure. He literally drove the truck till the gas pedal broke in half. While he was in the race, Robert showed great speed and promise. Naughton was in a spectacular back and forth battle with Jeff Geiser also including MacCachren, and Robby Woods. Robert’s crew have re-adjusted as they continue to make changes adapting the truck to Naughton. “We are going to get this truck to where I like it. After that, look out is all I can say.”

roLite Driver, Ryan Beat is feeling accomplished but hungry for more. “This Premiere Motorsports Group/Black Rhino truck is brand new and I now have completed 3 races. I am feeling pretty good knowing that we are this fast right off the bat. I plan to go even faster and I can drive around these guys clean. If we can get around some of the yahoos and break free from the wild cats, I just need to break through and than we are in the top 3 no problem. It is on for Round 4.

Hart and Huntington Off Road Turning Up The Heat in Lake Elsinore

April 21st 2012 – Lake Elsinore, CA
Known as a hot bed for action packed motorsports, Lake Elsinore delivered lots of high octane exploits with a Friday qualifying session for Round 3 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The heat was turned up as temperatures soared to triple digits and the off road teams launched big air on the new high flying short course track at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.

Hart and Huntington Off Road is running hot with confidence steaming out of the Premiere Motorsports Group mega pit compound. Competing in four pro divisions with two PRO-4s, one PRO-2, and one ProLite means that there is a lot happening at all times throughout the days schedule. Luckily the energy is up for this hometown event, and the Hart and Huntington drivers are showing a lot of promise right off the start.

Carey Hart has acknowledged the learning curve transitioning from racing 2WD to 4WD trucks is no easy task. Seat time for any driver is crucial for adapting a successful race program. For Hart, it’s at an even higher premium and due to a charging system gremlin on the #46 eBay Motors Truck, Carey was only to make a few laps during practice. Not all was lost as the FMX super star was able to communicate feedback and the team worked to make adjustments converting the setup to the drivers liking.

Hart went onto earn a qualifying lap time inside the top 10 and is quickly stepping back into the role as an off road short course racer. “I am excited to be back out here. I feel like I will be acclimated in no time. Premiere Motorsports Group is doing an awesome job prepping this eBay Motors Truck and I know we are headed in the right direction. It should be a great weekend.”

PRO-4 team mate, Josh Merrell and driver of the #22 MAVTV/Hart and Huntington Truck has proven himself as a top contender in short course off road racing’s fastest division. For Round 3 qualifying, Merrell pushed hard and earned a top five with the best lap clocked at 49.792 and less than a 1/8th of a second off the pole sitter, Carl Renezeder. “We have been working hard to get consistent,” stated Josh. “We are here to race. We are here to win. I am going to keep pushing till I put this truck in the winners circle.”

Perhaps one of the biggest stories in all of off road is the addition of Robert Naughton to the Hart and Huntington roster. This weekend marks Naughton’s first time behind the wheel of the #54 Truck. “Premiere Motorsports Group and Lunarpages have made me feel like I am part of the family. I am super excited for this opportunity to run the rest of the season,” Shared Robert. “We got to do a shakedown on Thursday and ran all the laps today (Friday). We are loosening up this truck and stiffening the shocks. I have implemented a tire groove that I think will work real good and we are just going to continue dialing in this machine till we are the fastest truck out there. You thought it was hot today, just wait till I blaze around the track during Round 1.”

Hart and Huntington Off Road’s young horse, Ryan Beat just might be one of the hardest working guys in the pits. Unfortunately that might have been his un doing and his qualifying performance may have suffered. To much work and not enough rest seems like it goes hand in hand with off road racing, but sooner or later the mentality catches up. Regardless, Ryan has persevered and made it to the race weekend with a race ready machine. Using a 130% of his focus Beat qualified 10th out of 24 Trucks and within a truck length of the fastest qualifier.

The Trucks have all been stripped down, and reassembled. The plan from here is come out rejuvenated. The other drivers better do the same because Hart and Huntington Off Road is turning up the heat for Round 1.

AU MX Nationals 2012 Round 2 Coonabarabran

The Second round of the 10 round Australian Monster Energy MX Nationals was held in New South Wales in the hills of Coonabarabran at the Goanna Tracks Motorcycle Facility. The Hart and Huntington race team had a consistent weekend with Pro Lites Rider Lewis Wood #15 riding his RMZ250 and Pro Open Rider Dan McCoy #65 on a RMZ450.
For race results and information check out