Hitting Ramps with Garrett Ahlf

If there was an award for the “Hardest Working Rider in FMX”, Bakersfield’s Garrett Ahlf would definitely be on that voting ballot. When it comes to FMX, has been up, he has been down, and now…he is back up again. Garrett Ahlf has paid his dues and deserves every opportunity he has been given. And now with a steady gig on the FreestyleMX.com Tour and a handful of solid sponsors, Garrett Ahlf is riding stronger than ever.

We caught up with our old buddy to talk bikes, babies, and being back on tour…

Garrett Ahlf, how the heck are you?

Good man just wrapping up a busy tour season this year that started off earlier than ever with Keith Sayers and the Evolution of Extreme up in Canada “eh”. Now I am pumped to have some weekends off . It’s nice to be spending time with the family and to be at home learning some new tricks.

You’ve been staying busy even off your bike, how is being a Dad going for you?

Being a Dad is awesome, but…being a Dad with a tour schedule sucks especially when I go straight back to work when I get home from being on the road. I was able to make it home for my first father’s day this year where I got to be present to hear my son say “DADA” for the first time which I was super happy I did not miss.

Do you feeling like having your son has changed you as a rider at all?

Not necessarily, I keep the same mindset as always. I normally do what I’m comfortable with during tour season to make it through safe and sound. Once I get a couple months off during winter is when I try to step it up as in trying new tricks or whatever. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more scared now trying new tricks as I want to be around for my wife and kid [laughs].


You have spent a lot of time on the Freestylemx.com Tour the last couple years. Tell us a little but about the tour and what an average day on tour looks like…

The tour is probably the most recognized tour in the USA. Each bus usually consists of 3 riders, a Driver and Tour hands that helps with set up and tear down. This year I toured with Brian McCarty and John Distler. Big Dis actually drove the bus, set up and tore down AND rode the shows. Hats off to him because he work’s his ASS off. Days off are usually just trying to stay busy, what I like to do is write e-mails to sponsors to let them know how shows went and how many people were there and send photos when fans capture them at the events. On show days we get to the venue find out where we are riding set up and do the first show which is normally our warm up/practice. Each day we have normally had 3 shows and after the final show, there is usually a celebration for safe shows!

You are still a younger guy, so are you cool with being a paid demo rider or is there still a part of you that wants to be the next big thing in contests?

I would love to get paid to train for big contests and only shoot for media coverage rather than being on a tour bus and away from family but for me its rather hard to find time and money to keep up with these guys that are doing every flip trick in the book on ramp to ramp. Even with a solid tour schedule I find it hard to get comfortable to try and “live” off a demo rider’s salary because the only way you can is to be gone ALL the time and at this time in my life I’m not too down for that.

You are a guy that I have always considered you very “sponsor-able” in the sense, you keep everything clean and you handle yourself well. That’s probably why most of your sponsors stick with you every year. So who are the companies helping you out?

Thanks man I appreciate that! My sponsors have been helping me out a lot with what I need to get it done during the year. Working on doing some media stuff for 2014 to keep me busy during the slow winter months! Big thanks to O’Neal MX, Alpinestars, Hart & Huntington, Brady at Shifty Illusions, BLUR optics, Etnies, Dunlop, BLEND designs, Moto-Gate.com, Works Connection, RAM mounts, Wyvern Motosports, UNI Air Filter, GPR Stabilizers.


What else do you have planned for 2013?

2013 is slowing down for me but I got a couple more stops and one I’m really excited about is in my hometown. I called the marketing guy out at Kern Raceway, our brand new Asphalt Raceway track, and got him in contact with Marc Burnett from the FreestyleMX.com tour and they worked out a deal so there would be a 10 rider ramp to ramp contest going down with both buses showing up November 23rd! I’ve been practicing so I can to put on an awesome show in front of my hometown crowd. That pretty much sums up 2013 for me and with the holidays right around I’m ready to relax and hang with family.

Hart and Huntington and RCH with Fxck Cancer Unknown Ind. at MEC Ep. 6

Hart and Huntington and RCH Racing shows up big for the Vegas Monster Energy Cup with Lance Coury and Broc Tickle competing. But first, the team needs to get there— Lancy Coury heads up Interstate 15 on the F*ck Cancer awareness raising ride. It’s a huge weekend with the “Dying to Live” fundraiser, RCH autograph signings, RCH Co-Owner Ricky Carmichael’s induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame, and the main event—the 2013 Monster Energy Cup on RCH’s home turf in Vegas.

Find out more about F*ck Cancer: www.fuckcancerfoundation.org
Find out more about Unknown Industries www.unknownindustries.com
Find out more about Beam Designs www.beamdesigns.com

Josh Hill Takes Control of ASX Championship

Josh Hill Takes Control of ASX Championship at Phillip Island.

Hart and Huntington, InsureMyRide, Suzuki racer Josh Hill has taken control of the 2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship at the conclusion of rounds four and five of the series, held at Phillip Island, Victoria in conjunction with the Australian round of the MotoGP championship on the weekend.

Hill who came into saturday’s round four of the championship sitting fourth in the points standings, raced to a superb second place finish just in front of Brett Metcalfe after battling his way through the field twice due to a small incident while sitting in third place early in the race. His Second place finish behind fellow American Weston Peick combined with a 11th place finish for championship leader coming into the weekend, Matt Moss allowed Hill to move up to third place in the standings on Saturday evening.


“I had a good battle with Marmont (Jay), he is a sly old racer.” Hill said about his early race battle. “I tried to come in and tap his back wheel, he knew exactly how to handle that and held up a little bit and almost made me tip over and I lost a couple of positions.

“It meant that I had to make another charge to the front and wasted some time but I was able to get around Metty late in the race for second place and scored another good result.”

Heading into Sunday’s main event with the Knowledge that new championship leader Peick was out of action after an early morning practice crash, Hill launched his Suzuki RM-Z 450 out of the gate making his way into the lead from the start of the race before dropping the hammer on the field. With a 14 second plus lead as he started the final lap of the afternoon’s main event, Hill rolled off the throttle and cruised to a comfortable win over Matt Moss and will now head into the final round of the season with a five point championship lead.


“It was great to get the win on the second day at Phillip Island and take the championship lead, we got off to a tough start in Darwin, but we have really turned it around since then and have finished in either first or second in each race since,” Hill explained.

“The guys at the Hart and Huntington InsureMyRide Suzuki team have been going a great job and we will aim to keep it going at the last round.

“It was a good weekend at Phillip Island but to be honest I did not see much of the GP action. Everything was quite spread out and I was really just more focused on myself and what I had to do for the weekend,” Hill added.

Hill who had originally planned to stay in Australia between each round, is currently on his way back to the United States to complete some testing for the 2014 AMA Supercross championship as he finalises his plans for the American season before returning for the Toowoomba finale.


“My original plan was to stay out here in Australia between now and Toowoomba, but I have to catch a flight back to the United States tomorrow to do some testing for next years Supercross season.” Hill concluded.

Josh Hill and will again be in action at the final round of the 2013 ASX Championship being held in Toowoomba, Queensland on the 16th of November

A Day on the block with Bobby Lee and Mike Mason

The Hart and Huntington FMX team is at the MDP Block on Larry Linkogle property for a nice shred session. Bobby Lee, Lance Coury, Mike Mason, Garrett Ahlf, Jeff Griffin and Cassidy Loser were all having some fun hanging out and getting some sick shots with the beautiful winery landscape. In this episode Link talks about Bobby Lee’s progression and times of the past. Also we hear from Mike Mason and his thoughts on riding the OG spot of FMX.

Alot of time, effort, crew and talent went into making this film happen, so thank you!

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At home with Lance Coury

The blended career of being a freestyle motocross rider and owner of a small business is paying off well for Lance Coury. His skills on the bike have earned a spot at RCH/Dodge/Sycuan/Suzuki and a pair of medals (one gold, one bronze) at this year’s Global X Games stops, and the money earned through riding and his brand, MotoGate, has allowed the purchase and furnishing a nice home. Now, what landed him a wife like Courtney is anyone’s guess, but we’d say it is all of the above…