Biz in Canada

Biz just did a trip through Winnipeg Canada filming for Verde. Heres a good street pic of Biz doing his thing.

AU MX Nationals Episode 7 Horsham VIC

Melbourne, VIC (19th July, 2012) – The Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide race team geared up for round 7 of the Monster Energy MX Nationals which was to be held at Horsham VIC.

With rain most of the week in Victoria weather conditions didn’t look to be on anyone’s side for Sunday. Even though it didn’t heavily rain on Sunday the rain on Saturday was enough to turn the track into a mud pit for Sunday race.

Lewis didn’t have the best qualifying session with him ending up qualifying in 15th position. With the track probably in the worst condition all day Lewis was up with his back to back moto’s 1 & 2. With a mid pack position after the first corner Lewis had some work ahead of him, battling the mud which was weighing the bike down Lewis fought his way to finish moto 1 in 11th place. With a 5 minute break before moto 2 it was a case of how much mud could Lewis’s mechanic Paul get off his bike before moto 2 started! Again with bad start Lewis was again outside the top 10 coming out of corner 1, he had to battle again with massive amounts of mud sticking to his bike. After the 15 minutes were up Lewis completed his 2nd moto in 11th place. Fresh from the lunch break and a clean bike Lewis was keen to get a decent start and try and grab some valuable championship points. Getting a better start in moto 3 (running around 12th) Lewis was ready to take on the 30 minute moto. With around 6 laps remain Lewis’s pace looked a little off, after finishing moto 3 in 10th Lewis came back to the setup and we found that his bike was actually over heating during moto 3. This week L-Dub has done a grip of testing and the problem looks to be sorted. Lewis finished in 11th place overall on the day and still sits 10th place in the MX2 championship.

Dan had a great qualifying session which saw him sit in 6th place. All geared up for moto 1 DMC got a great jump off the line which saw him running top 5 out of corner 1. With a small crash this put Dan back which would see him complete moto 1 in 8th place. In the 5 minute break it was again a race to extract as much mud from Dan’s bike as possible before moto 2 started. Getting another great jump into corner Dan rode solid through the 15minute moto to end up in 9th place. With the mission of cleaning DMC’s bike before moto 3, Dan was ready to put a good start into a good finish. Kicking off moto 3 Dan flew into turn 1 sitting in 3rd place, with the track probably in the best condition it had been all day laps times were getting faster and faster, with some MX1 riders 10 seconds quicker in moto 3 than moto 1! Dan dropped a few positions as the race went on which would see him end up in 8th place which would give him and 8th overall on the day and leave DMC in 10th place in the MX1 championship. Dan is really looking forward to Appin as it will be his hometown round.

The Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide team will head to Appin NSW for round 8 of Monster Energy MX Nationals on July 29th for a one day schedule race.

Lewis Woods hopes for a wet and muddy Horsham

Fresh off the back of his best moto result of the season where he finished in fourth place in the opening moto at Hervey Bay just under two weeks ago, Woods is looking forward to returning to a track where he won the final round of the Victorian State MX Championships in convincing fashion just 3 weeks ago.

“I feel pretty good heading into this weekend, I am a hard pack rider and Horsham is a hard pack track, so it should suit me that way.” said Woods.

“I had a Victorian state title there a couple of weeks ago, It was muddy and I rode well there and it’s a track that I usually ride well at.” he added

Woods rode more than well, winning two of the four motos and finishing second in the other two moto’s in some of the muddiest conditions seen so far this year and with the chance of the same type of conditions this weekend, the experience in the mud at Horsham may prove to be very valuable.

“On any mud track you have to keep your bike working and keep it going through the mud, but at this track its different.” said the Suzuki mounted rider.

“It becomes hard to change gears and use your rear brake due to the amount of mud that builds up around the footpegs.

“That was one of the biggest problems I had at the state titles, if it ends up being the same, we have made a few changes to stop the mud from sticking in those areas so bad.” Woods explained.

While most of the field will be hoping that the weather gods play nice and the rain stays clear both heading into Sunday’s race and throughout the day, Woods is not fused either way on how the conditions turns out and even favours his chances a little more if things do get sloppy, especially with the home state support.

“It is probably the only race I have ever gone into hoping it rains, if it pours down with rain, I know exactly how to ride the track.” said the year old

“It is different to any other track when it is wet, especially when they rip it deep and it sounds like it has been ripped already, there should be some nice deep ruts, I am looking forward to it.” he continued.

“Its always a good round for me, there is not much travelling involved for myself and a lot of the boys will be there to cheer me on, so it should be fun.” Woods concluded.

Woods heads into round seven of the championship in 10th position in the MX2 class on 211 points