Heath in France

Heath just returned from the south of France. The south of France is well know for its strong trail scene and loads of underground trail spots in the woods. Vans throws a trail contest “Kill the Line” every year at the world renown Peynier trails. Peynier Trails are Frances longest running trail spot being 20 years deep. First stop was hitting Kill the Line then heading through the south hitting these great spots for a week with 25 riders from all over the World. Heres a few pics from Heaths trip. Keep posted for a video coming soon.

H&H Insure My Ride Suzuki Race Report MX Nationals Round 10

Melbourne, VIC (4th September2012) – The Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide race team set off for the last round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals for the year in sunny Coolum QLD.

With a great looking Coolum track we knew that this round would be one that everyone would remember, as most riders and teams go all out for the final round. Plus we had our custom gold chrome bikes which were put together by Exotic Graphix, Ringmaster Images and John Titman Racing.

With Lewis’s flying home to Melbourne mid week to visit his hand specialist we knew that this weekend would be his last on a bike for the year as he requires hand surgery (This will see Lewis heal up and coming into 2013 were he will now make the move back to the 450 class). Again with Lewis putting in an excellent qualifying session walking away with 8th overall on the Saturday this would give his hand time to rest before the 3 moto’s on Sunday. With Lewis getting off the line around 15th place he maintained a consistent pace and rode away to 9th place in moto 1. Lewis had a better jump off the gate in moto 2 where he was running inside the top 10, around 4 laps in he dropped his bike going into a corner, this would see him just outside the top 15, with some last minute passes Lewis got over the line in 14th place. With only a few points separating him to be placed inside the top 10, Lewis was determined before his final moto of the year. Again with Lewis getting a decent start just outside the top 10 he fought his way through the pack and held on for a 10th place finish which would see him 11th overall at the Coolum round and finish the MX2 championship in 10th place.

Daniel had a great decent qualifying session putting him in 12th place overall for Coolum round 10 of the MX Nationals. DMC’s moto 1 start was cracking with him sitting in 3rd place just after the first turn, as Dan rode solid and held his ground we would see him finish moto 1 in 5th place. Moto 2 would see Dan out of the gate up front again, but this time he couldn’t match his moto 1 5th place, and he would complete moto 2 in 8th. With an extended break due to a serious injury on the track DMC lined up for his final moto of the day and with the Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide team. With another awesome start as he has done all year DMC was running top 5, but after a few laps Dan faded back to 10th place which would see him get an overall of 8th place and finish the series in 9th place in the MX1 class. Dan has departed the team and will contest the Supercross series with another team. We would like to thanks Dan for his effort this year and wish him all the best.

We would like thank each and every one of our sponsors who is associated with the team as we could not have completed our first MX Nationals series without them.

Lazer Camper

Andrew just did a camping trip through the North with a few buddys. They headed from Vancouver BC, into the states riding spots in Seattle and through Montana. Montana is the new hot spot for riders to travel through, with skatepark jems that have rarely been seen.

Hart and Huntington MX Nationals 2012 Round 9

Melbourne, VIC (23rd August 2012) – The Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide race team head to Moree MX track for the 9th round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals.

A well groomed Moree MX track meant Sunday’s racing would be some of the finest coming into the 2nd last round of the series. Tire choice was also going to be another factor as it looked like the track might dry out towards the end of the day, making the riders switch to a harder pack tire.
Lewis again came into this round carrying a wrist injury which affected his riding in Appin, but he proved there he can still ran top 15 in the MX2 class. His injury is affecting him on the throttle side of the bike which doesn’t allow him full movement in his wrist, this cause’s Lewis to basically move the throttle with his elbow (as you will see in the latest web episode clip). With a mid pack start in moto 1 Lewis was able to consistently hold 15th place during the race, with a short 5 minute break Lewis was back on the line for moto 2. Again struggling with his wrist Lewis rode out the 2nd moto in 15th place and grabbed valuable championship points. With the 3rd and final moto up this was going to be the most painful for Lewis as moto 3 is the 30 minute plus moto, but as tough as Lewis is he fought his way up to 12th position for the final moto. Lewis now sits in 11th place in the MX2 championship.

DMC came into this round as fresh as he has been all year. Dan was looking to finally put his Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide Suzuki on the podium for the first time all season. With some great qualifying times DMC was 2 seconds off the leader which put him in 9th. With a cracking start Dan was out of the first corner in top 3, he held this place for a few laps but a couple of small mistakes would see him finish in 8th place for moto 1. With the short 5 minute break DMC was on the line again, McCoy launched off the line in moto 2 again running top 3 out of the first turn. Dan battle with the front runners for the entire moto, he held onto a well-earned 6th place. During the lunch break DMC changed his tire choice to the Pirelli 554 mid hard as the track was drying out which caused it to harden up. McCoy again put his RMZ450 into a top 5 spot coming out of the first turn for moto 3, his starts had been terrific all day! With a few battles going on Dan was strong enough to complete moto 3 in 8th place which would see him take an overall of 8th on the day. McCoy has now moved into 9th place in the MX1 championship.

The Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide team will head to Coolum QLD for the final round of Monster Energy MX Nationals on August 25th and August 26th for a two day schedule race.