RCH Racing Weston Peick has another solid performance!

Weston went 10-5 for 7th overall at Unadilla this past weekend, and maintains 7th in the points standings. Gotta love his effort week in and week out. Looking for another big weekend coming up.
Here are a few photos from behind the lens of Simon Cudby.












Art and Ink Tattoo Festival at the South Point Hotel & Casino August 8th-10

Hart and Huntington Las vegas will be represented at the upcoming Art and Ink Tattoo Festival at the South Point Hotel & Casino August 8th-10, book your appointments with any one of our attending artist online or by calling the shop at (702) 216-5360. Ryan Jenkins Tattoo Tee John Graefe Jaclyn Greb

Sunday Conversation with Ryan Beat


We sat down with new Team Owner Ryan Beat of Ryan Beat MotorSports and found out how it is being a team owner and how the new season is going!

So we’re midway through your first season as a team owner. How’s it been?
* My first year as a team owner has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun. I am really enjoying it.

What’s been the hardest thing to get used to as a team owner?
* The Hardest thing to get used to as a team owner is the amount of responsibility i have now. Its not just about driving now its about making sure the whole package and a team runs perfectly. I don’t want a joke of a team, i am very motivated to be a successful professional race team.

How’s the truck been running so far this year? And how was it telling your sponsors your starting your own Team?
* The truck is coming along, we built a new truck during this offseason and have been getting better every week. Telling my sponsors i was starting my own team was very nerve racking at first but once i saw how happy and supportive everyone was to the idea it became very clear that this is what they wanted all along.

Glen Helen is right around the corner, do you consider this your home course, and do you like racing under the lights.
* With Glen Helen being the next race I consider it one of my home tracks. I do love racing under the lights but i can’t stand glen helen it is by far the worst track on the circuit.

How’d that double podium feel being a owner last month in Utah?
* Double podium felt awesome it was good to get back up on the box. Now i got t ball rolling i hoping to score a few more.

We heard you got to do a little drifting for the new Fast and Furious movie! How was that?
* It was awesome to get to be apart of the new fast and furious movie. I got to do a drift scene in my actual race truck, so hopefully they use that clip haha.






Depending on who you are, the name Carey Hart can mean many different things. Privateer Supercross racer, freestyle innovator, tattoo shop owner, reality TV star, Pink’s husband, race team owner…the list goes on and on. We’ve been friends with Carey since the near beginning, when he was a struggling privateer riding a Kawasaki KX250 and wearing Fleshgear baggies. Seeing him evolve into one of the most important men in the sport has been a pleasure, and we jumped at the chance to catch up with Hart Luck and reminisce at the 2015 Suzuki RM-Z450 intro held earlier in the week. Enjoy!


Hart may be “retired,” but his name still carries plenty of weight in motocross. As such, he is featured heavily in Fox Racing’s new MX15 media packet.

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Ivan Tedesco Retires From Racing On His Terms


San Diego, CA (July 25, 2014) – “It has been a roller coaster since I started racing pro at the end of 1999 at Millville,” says veteran racer Ivan “Hot Sauce” Tedesco in announcing his retirement from RCH Soaring Eagle Suzuki this weekend. “I have had a lot of success… and a lot of failure. However, the one thing I can do is to walk away from this deal knowing I gave it my all every time I got on my motorcycle. In the end that’s all you can ask of a person — give it your all.”

Give it his all he most certainly did. Despite a plague of injuries, he was the 2004 125cc West Coast Supercross Champion (winning seven of eight races that year). He repeated as 2005 125cc West Coast SX champ and was also the 125cc Outdoor National Champion in 2005. However it is his role on the Motocross of Nations winning teams that are perhaps the high water mark of is illustrious career as Team USA beat the best in the world in 2005, 2006 and again in 2009!

After that, it was the move to the 450cc class. “I made the decision to go over to Suzuki to be teammates with Ricky Carmichael. I learned so much from RC. I am thankful for his friendship, the opportunity to train with him and the help his parents have always given me. They treated me like family and did everything they could to help. I had a successful rookie Supercross season finishing fourth behind Carmichael, Stewart and Reed.”

However a lot of heartache came after that initial success in the 450 class, primarily due to injury. While Ivan enjoyed proving the pundits wrong, the time has finally come to call it a career almost 14 years to the day.

“It’s never easy to quit something you’ve done for so long, but the time has come where racing just isn’t the same as it used to be,” says Tedesco. “I always told myself when the day comes that I’m not competitive anymore; I need to walk away; that time is now.” However he won’t be going too far away from the RCH Soaring Eagle pits as he will continue to test the Suzuki’s and help get the bikes ready for the team’s future riders.

“From RCH’s perspective, we are honored that he finished out his illustrious career with RCH Soaring Eagle and on a Suzuki,” says co-principal Carey Hart. “We are grateful to have Ivan’s testing expertise for RCH moving forward… It just wouldn’t be the same not having Hot Sauce to spice things up around here!”

“I have nothing to be bummed about,” says Tedesco. “I can say I have never given less than 100% and have enjoyed proving people wrong. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the friendships I have made. I love dirt bikes and racing and look forward to finding my new career within the sport because this is what I love to do.”

“Thank you to my fans, who have always had my back and motivated me to keep going! I hope to see you all at the races soon,” concludes Tedesco.

Carey Hart on Cheating Death and Watching ‘Game of Thrones’ With Pink


Carey Hart is a motocross multihyphenate, a breakout rider turned TV star, tattoo impresario and team owner. He’s also one half of a high-profile celebrity couple, having married Pink in 2006, and with the birth of their first daughter in 2011, he added another title to his resume: bad-ass dad.

Marriage, Motherhood and Wild Rage: Inside Pink’s New Album

These days, Hart’s retired from competitive riding, but RCH Racing, his Fox Head sponsored team, is in the hunt for a title in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. And with the tour set to take over MetLife Stadium in New Jersey this weekend, he sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about fatherhood, going fast, and life with the baddest pop star on the planet.

We don’t do a lot of dirt-track racing in New York City … can you explain supercross to us?
It’s pretty straightforward. The great thing about supercross is that, you don’t have to know anything other than it’s loud, it’s aggressive and the fastest guy wins. It’s really in-your-face, there’s tons of pyro, and the ‘monster-truck guy’ voice is announcing everybody as they come out.

That sounds awesome. Do you miss competing?
Sometimes. But I’m having more fun riding now than ever. I’m just trying to get back out there. I had my spine fused nine weeks ago, the doctor thinks I compression-fractured my lower spine at least 10-12 times, so we had to go in and take care of it. I’ve been through some gnarly stuff, I’ve broken everything you could imagine, but recovering from this was brutal. I was just off my feet, laying down flat for 22-hours a day, in excruciating pain, because they elongated my spine. I’m a half-inch taller now, which is cool.

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained on a bike?
There’s been a couple. The most recent one was probably in 2003; Tony Hawk did this tour, and we were on the second day. There was a vert ramp in the middle, and me and four other guys were jumping over it, like a circuit track. There was a miscue in the show, because they were running a little slow inside the vert ramp, and I got my cue too early, so I took off to hit the ramp, and Tony popped up on the deck in front of me. I had to decide: either go into the crowd or go into the vert ramp. I went into the ramp, and when I hit it, it shattered both my legs, both my arms. I was in ICU for a month, it almost killed me. I didn’t ride for almost three years after that, I had to let my legs heal.

And yet, you got back on the bike.
Always. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been laying in the dirt, something broken, bone sticking out, just thinking ‘Why the fuck do I keep doing this?’ But you go to the hospital, you get stitched up, or bolted back together, and you go home and heal, and eventually, you start to forget the injury and start to miss your motorcycle.

Would you want your daughter, Willow, to follow in your footsteps?
I’m buying her a dirt bike for Christmas. I started riding when I was four, my wife rides, so if Willow chooses, the bike will be in the garage. I got the ‘Worst Father of the Year’ award back in October, because I posted a photo of her on my motorcycle, and she didn’t have a helmet on. I got crucified. But what am I gonna do? It’s good for my image.

You mentioned your wife, Pink, rides a motorcycle, and she does all these mid-air acrobatics during her concerts, too. Is there an ongoing competition between you two?
[Laughs] Maybe. I can’t get her to surf, because she’s scared of sharks. And she won’t golf, either. She’s got this thing that, like the original initials were ‘Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden’ or something like that, so she’s pretty anti-golf. And I’m like, ‘But it’s changed! We drink beers and hit this stupid little ball and it’s awesome,’ but she’s like ‘Nope.’

But there are moments when you two actually relax, right?
Oh, yeah. When we’re home, we’re home. Me and my wife are into Game of Thrones, and she sucked me into Nashville a little bit, but she’ll watch Sons of Anarchy in return. But we have a kid, so the chance to watch TV is rare. I’ve seen Frozen too many times. But I got Willow into Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry, and she thinks they’re the best things since sliced bread, and I’m like ‘Score, I can actually watch this and not want to scratch my eyes out.’

Would you ever consider getting back into TV?
Probably not. I did that awful TV show, The Surreal Life, it was horrible. My manager talked me into it. One of the only good things was that I rode with the cast. Jose Canseco was classic on a motorcycle. He was like a bear on a little tricycle.

You clearly enjoy putting your life at risk, so how many Monster Energys can you drink in one sitting?
Zero. Those things just whack me out. I get the shakes. I’m not young no more, that stuff just doesn’t do me good

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RCH Soaring Eagle Team Goes Big At Dallas Supercross

Everything is bigger in Texas! The home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium had a bigger crowd (80,000 seats), bigger JumboTron and bigger expectations than any race in the first half of the 2014 series. The RCH Soaring Eagle Supercross Team definitely was looking to go big in Big D… and they delivered! Both Josh Hill #75 and Broc Tickle #20 qualified well and both made it into the main. And with all the big expectations on the line, the RCH Soaring Eagle Suzuki’s both finished inside the top 10.

The day in Big D began well when RCH Racing duo of Hill and Tickle qualified 7th and 8th just behind 2010 champ Ryan Dungey. “The guys have been putting in the work,” said RCH principal Ricky Carmichael, back in the broadcast booth for the first time in a couple of weeks. “They just need to get better starts,” said the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in the broadcast booth somewhat prophetically.

Heat #1saw Broc Tickle with the fourth gate pick. When the race started, two Suzuki’s were running in the top three… unfortunately for RCH, it was James Stewart and privateer Weston Peick. Tickle was mired in a mid-pack start. He moved up quickly, but despite dicing with Dungey and Eli Tomac all race long, both Tickle and Tomac were relegated to riding the semi. “The day started off good with decent practice times and a relaxed vibe. The heat went well and I rode great, but with only four riders transferring, I still had to go to the semi,” said Tickle simply.

Like Tickle, Heat #2 saw teammate Josh Hill with the fourth gate pick. However Hill had a great start, just getting nipped by defending SX series champ Ryan Villopoto for the holeshot. When RV bobbled on the third lap, Josh jumped into the lead. Mike Alessi attempted a pass which let Ken Roczen get by both of them for first, then lappers slowed Hill up enabling RV to get back by for second. (RV set the fastest lap of the heat races when he went by Josh). Hill then settled in for a solid third ahead of Alessi and went straight to the main. “We made some improvements on the bike and on my starts,” said Hill. “It was nice to get up into the mix and lead the heat race, not to mention qualifying straight to the main from it.”

Learning from his heat race, Tickle took 5th at start of 450 Semi #1… and immediately went on a charge. He moved up to third with two laps to go and then into second at the checkers just behind Wil Hahn. Definitely demonstrating his speed from qualifying and the first heat race (BT #20 set the 6th fastest lap time out of both the heats), both Tickle and Hill were ready for the main. “ I didn’t get the best start in the semi,” Broc admits. “But I had the speed to work my way into 2nd to transfer to the main.”

When the gate dropped for the 450 main event, both RCH Racing Soaring Eagle Suzuki’s were inside the top 10 with decent starts. Within the first couple laps, Tickle and Hill were running in 7th and 8th respectively. At the half-way point in the 20 lap event, Hill began suffering the effects of his surgically repaired collarbone and not enough time on the bike as Wil Hahn got between the two RCH Soaring Eagle teamsters. When the checkered flag fell, it was Tickle taking 7th and Hill finishing in 9th.

After a crash in practice, Hill was riding in some pain in the main. “I need to stay off the ground,” claims Josh. “I was riding in a lot of pain and couldn’t push as hard as I wanted to when Wil went by. I’ll rest up and get back after it in Atlanta!”

“The main was tough,” said Tickle, echoing his teammate’s earlier comments. “The track was chewed up, slippery and bumpy… very technical. I came around first lap in 8th and rode to a 7th. Best finish for me this year and I can keep building from here. I am looking forward to Atlanta and all the East Coast races.”

East Coast or West Coast, the RCH Racing Soaring Eagle pit is the place to be before each Supercross race. From the Suzuki Holeshot Experience to the team autograph signing and the Soaring Eagle all expenses paid trips to the Luxury Resort, there is something for everyone! RC even jumped in and signed some autographs along with the guys during the Dallas SX stop, while co-principal Cary Hart was on hand with his musically inclined wife, Pink. Who knows what will happen at the party in the pits next week when the RCH Racing Soaring Eagle team heads to Georgia Dome in Atlanta for Round 8 on February 22.

Photo Credit: Simon Cudby

About RCH Racing Soaring Eagle
RCH Racing is in its second season of the partnership between Ricky Carmichael and Carey Hart. Ricky Carmichael merged his Suzuki relationship and technical development with the established five year marketing giant of Hart & Huntington Racing in 2013. The RCH Racing Soaring Eagle Team continues its partnerships with Suzuki, Fox, Dodge, Sycuan Casino, Yoshimura and Bel Ray. Stay up to date on all RCH Racing Soaring Eagle news, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @RCHRacing and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hartandhuntington.