DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (March 8, 2015) – While there may have been a little hitch in their collective giddy-up heading into the main event, there was plenty of pep in the RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing team’s step when the checkered flag flew in Saturday night’s Daytona Supercross by Honda at Daytona International Speedway.

With his RCH stablemate Ken Roczen sidelined for the night after re-injuring his ankle in the day’s first practice session, it was up to Broc Tickle to carry the torch for RCH in Daytona and he did exactly that.

Despite getting together with Trey Canard in the first corner and essentially starting dead last, Tickle rallied for an admirable 10th-place finish.

“I had a good feeling,” commented Tickle following the race. “I got a decent jump on the gate but I tangled with (Trey) Canard in the first corner and we both went down. So I pretty much started dead last and worked my way all the way up to 10th. On lap two or three, I had the fastest lap of the race so I’m stoked about that. I haven’t been the fastest guy on the track in a while so that’s a great thing to build off of. On top of that, I felt like my fitness level was really good. I’m pumped with all of the positives but bummed with the negatives. I had a great race but unfortunately, the end result doesn’t really reflect that.”

Rewind to earlier in the day, where Roczen had just posted the fastest time of the of weekend’s opening 450SX practice. A lap later, the 20-year-old German caught his left foot on a tuff block and re-injured the same ankle he hurt two races ago in Atlanta. Following the incident, the team made the difficult decision to sit Roczen for the night.

“It was a rough night across the board for RCH,” explained RCH co-owner Ricky Carmichael. “Obviously, we’re all concerned about Ken and hope his ankle heals quickly so he can be back on the bike soon. Everyone is behind him 100 percent. He’s going to get it looked at first thing this week, and we’ll make a decision, as a team, about what’s next when we know exactly where he’s at. Broc had a great night. Even though the results say he finished 10th, he put together a great race. If he hadn’t had the issue with Canard, I think he could have finished on the podium. He showed what a gritty racer he is. I think this is the proudest I’ve been to see one of our guys finish 10th.”

The top-10 effort allowed Tickle to close the points deficit between him and ninth-place Andrew Short to just two points. Roczen slipped from third to fourth in the standings.

Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, kicks off three consecutive stops in the heart of the Midwest beginning next weekend when the series visits Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Round 11 of the 2015 Supercross Championship will be televised live on Fox Sports 2 Saturday, March 14 beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 4 p.m. Pacific.





ATLANTA (March 2, 2015) – In the ultra-competitive world of Monster Energy Supercross, there’s one sure bet. The pendulum swings both ways and stays in perpetual motion. On the surface, the fourth- and eighth-place finishes may not represent a tremendous shift, but for RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing, the way those two finishes played out speaks volumes.

For Broc Tickle, rider of RCH’s No. 20 Suzuki RM-Z450, Saturday night’s fourth-place effort in the Georgia Dome matches his career-best 450SX finish and represents continued forward progress since being sidelined for one race following an ugly crash in Oakland, just over a month ago.

Tickle finished fifth in his heat Saturday night but went on to pick up his second semifinal win of the year. His solid showing in the main proved the semi was no fluke. The Holly, Mich., rider remains 10th in the 450SX Championship standings and now trials ninth-place Andrew Short by a slim four-point margin.

“Like I said after last weekend, Atlanta just has good vibes for me,” explained Tickle following Round 9. “It felt like I was almost riding effortlessly. The track was coming to me really easily. I knew I just needed to have a good flow and ride smart. That’s what my mechanic Ritchie (Matchett) and I worked on all week. We focused on not clipping things and riding clean. I think that helped me on Saturday. That’s why I was good in practice and in the main event. Towards the end, I tightened up a little bit because the track started getting blown out so I just tried to clean everything up and push through the last five or six laps. We’ve built some great momentum over the last two weeks. We’re in a good place. It feels good.”

On the flip side, Ken Roczen fought his way through an ankle injury to finish eighth, but continued concern about his ankle sent the 2014 outdoor champion for an MRI Monday morning. Roczen suffered a pair of incidents two weeks ago at the Georgia Dome, and he aggravated the same ankle during Saturday’s final qualifying session. Still, the 20-year-old German powered through the pain to notch a respectable eighth-place finish.

Roczen is still third in the standings but now trails second-place Trey Canard by 13 points and leader Ryan Dungey by 43.

“Obviously, our night didn’t go as planned,” commented Roczen. “There are some things that I have to figure out. I have to get an MRI on my ankle this week so we know what we have to do, pushing forward. We need to figure out if I can keep riding and keep training or if its better to take some time off and let it heal. It wasn’t that great of a night. We’ll figure it out and be back as strong as ever.”

While both of his riders finished in the top 10, RCH co-owner Carey Hart knows plenty of work remains to be done. Hart was obviously pleased with Tickle’s performance but, at the same time, perplexed with Roczen’s last two outings.

“It couldn’t have been a much better night for Broc,” said Hart. “He rode really strong all day long. He’s been putting in the work and it’s showing. I couldn’t be happier for him. At the same time, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for Ken. We spent a lot of time together after the race, trying to figure out how to get that program back on track. I think we know what we need to do to get him back in the same frame of mind that he had at the beginning of the season. We’re going to hit the reset button this week and go from there but first things first. He needs to get his ankle checked out. After that, we’ll have a better idea where we’re at.”

Monster Energy Supercross travels to the World Center of Racing this weekend for the Daytona Supercross by Honda. Round 10 of the 2015 Supercross Championship will be televised live on Fox Sports 1 Saturday, March 7 beginning at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 7:30 p.m. Eastern.






ATLANTA (February 23, 2015) – It was a tale of two races for RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing when the Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, mixed it up Saturday night at the Georgia Dome.

Broc Tickle, rider of RCH’s No. 20 Suzuki RM-Z450 turned in a solid overall performance by winning his semi-final race and following it up with an impressive sixth-place finish in the main event. Ken Roczen, rider of the team’s No. 94 machine, endured a pair of cringe-worthy incidents over the course of the day to finish 18th in the main.

“I’m always stoked to race in Atlanta,” commented Tickle, who jumped from 11th to 10th in points. “Last year I set a good tone for myself and I always seem to have a good vibe when we race in the Georgia Dome. I just wanted to have a good weekend. We went through practice and it was OK and my semi, I just kind of pulled it together. I got my flow down and put some good, solid laps together. That gave me some confidence.

“I worked on my starts last week but I didn’t have it for the main. My start ruined me. I think I could have been a little better, results-wise, with a better start. Overall though, I’m pretty pumped with my finish. I think I was 11th or 12th after the start and passed my way all the way up to sixth. I think that’s the best I rode all year so I’m stoked about that. My bike was working really, really good. I’m going to go down to Kenny’s farm this week and plan to work on my starts some more. I’ll work on more of what I practiced last week and see if I can improve.”

Roczen was bucked off his bike on two separate occasions, once in qualifying and then again later in the night during the main. Fortunately, the 20-year-old rider escaped serious injury but the disappointing result cost him one spot in the championship standings. Roczen slipped from second to third in points and now trails second place Trey Canard by six with nine races remaining on the 2015 Supercross calendar.

“The whole night, actually the whole day was kind of gnarly,” said Roczen. “I felt like we had the bike figured out pretty good. In the main, my bike worked really good and I feel like I could have made up a lot of ground. I went in the whoops and caught one of the tough blocks somehow. It wasn’t a problem with the bike or anything like that. Obviously, I just made a mistake. It just happened.

“The automatic thing, when you tuck the front end or have a problem like I did, you end up holding it wide open because you’re almost crashing. I just whiskey-throttled and crashed really hard. I got lucky that I didn’t get hurt. After that, the handlebars on the bike were bent really bad so it was hard to really do much after that. There’s no give up in this team. I’m really lucky that I didn’t get hurt and still picked up three points. It could have been a lot worse.”

RCH co-owner Carey Hart was on hand in Atlanta and kept things in perspective. A veteran of not only Supercross but Freestyle Motocross as well, Hart knows sometimes you have to take the good with the bad that comes with competing at a high level.

“Our night was good and bad,” explained Hart. “Broc had a great night and rode really, really solid. He fought all the way to the end and ended up sixth. Ken just had a rough day. Things just kind of started to crumble when he had that nasty get off in the second timed practice. Maybe he just didn’t rebound. Still plenty of season in front of us so we’ll get back after it next weekend.”

Monster Energy Supercross returns to the Georgia Dome this weekend for an encore performance in The Big Peach. Round 9 of the 2015 Supercross Championship will be televised live on Fox Sports 2 Saturday, Feb. 28 beginning at 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 7 p.m. Eastern.






ARLINGTON, Texas (February 16, 2015) – Preparation. Consistency. Results. Those three words summarize any championship caliber race team’s mission statement. When the plan is properly executed, success comes naturally.

While success may not always be defined as victory, a good night can take on the form of a quiet second-place finish. And, a top 10.

Such was the case for Ken Roczen, Broc Tickle and the RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing Team in Saturday night’s Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, at AT&T Stadium. Roczen finished second to championship leader Ryan Dungey. Tickle finished ninth.

While the top-two effort left him one step below the top of the box, Roczen felt good with the result but was quick to point out that second won’t be enough to close the deal at season’s end.

“I need to work on my starts,” explained Roczen following the race. “I’ve been working hard on trying to be better, I just have to get out front. Ryan (Dungey) was pretty much gone after two laps and I made one big mistake after the finish line but overall, it was a decent race. We got second again and we’ll definitely take the podium.

“It’s still a long season but I have to work on my starts so I can be out front. Ryan is a really good starter. I just need to get holeshots. Third and fourth out of the gate isn’t going to be good enough. We need to win races and can’t make mistakes. Obviously, there are enough guys who can win. You just have to go in the main, get that holeshot and ride smart. You have to win.”

Roczen finished second for the third time this season but still lost three points to Dungey in the championship standings. In the first seven races of 2015, the 20-year-old German rider has won twice, finished second three times and has only one finish (Oakland) worse than fourth.

Tickle’s evening wasn’t quite as straightforward. A red flag halted his heat race, forcing the AMA to restart the night’s first 450SX qualifier. Shortly after the ensuing restart, the Holly, Mich., rider tangled with Jimmy Albertson and Jason Anderson, forcing him to race his way through the semi where a gritty last-lap performance secured him a starting spot in the main event.

Despite starting deep in the field and the constant nag that comes with the lingering effects from a back injury, Tickle rode a smart, consistent race during the main to come away with a respectable ninth-place showing.

“We had a red flag during the heat race,” recalled Tickle. “I think someone went down in the rhythm section so they red-flagged the race about halfway through and we had to restart. I got a decent start, that time. I think I was fourth or fifth. Then (Jimmy) Albertson lost control and (Jason) Anderson ran into him and I ran into Anderson, so that caused a big pile up. Pretty much finished almost last in the heat race.

“Went to the semi and had a bad gate pick. Thought I had the holeshot for a second but I got pushed a little wide. The last lap of the semi was pretty hectic. I made a couple of mistakes at the end but it turned out for the best because it got my intensity level up. I’m not stoked with my riding, 100 percent. I kind of felt like I did last weekend where I wasn’t totally comfortable. I need to work on some stuff this week so I can get better. Working on the little things is going to help me a lot.”

RCH co-owner Carey Hart was at AT&T Stadium for the race and in the team’s post-race debrief after the checkers waved. Hart pointed out consistency will make or break his team’s pursuit of the ultimate goal, the Monster Energy Supercross title.

“It was a great night,” offered Hart. “Ken had a good day in practice and qualifying. He was solid through the night. We have to keep banging out first- and second-place finishes to stay in this championship hunt. It was just one of those nights. (Ryan) Dungey got a clear start and had a clean track. Ken had to work through three or four guys to get to second and by then, Dungey had already set the pace and pretty much checked out. Broc’s still feeling it in his back but he finished ninth so it was a solid night all around. The only unfortunate part is that Ryan won and we lost a few points. There are 10 races left so we have to keep grinding.”

Roczen, Tickle and the rest of the Monster Energy Supercross crew continue east this weekend when the series visits Atlanta for the first of back-to-back weekends at the Georgia Dome. Round 8 of the 2015 Supercross Championship will be televised live on Fox Sports 1 Saturday, Feb. 21 beginning at 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 7 p.m. Eastern.






SAN DIEGO (February 9, 2015) – RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing turned in a solid performance at Petco Park Saturday night with impressive showings from riders Ken Roczen and Broc Tickle.

Following a spirited battle with eventual winner Trey Canard, Roczen came away from Round 6 of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross campaign with a runner-up finish but more importantly, he gained two points on current 450SX championship leader Ryan Dungey.

Tickle was back on his Suzuki RM-Z450 for the first time in two weeks after aggravating his back in Oakland and came home with a solid ninth-place performance in the series first-ever visit to the home of the San Diego Padres.

Roczen was the fastest rider in both of his qualifying sessions but came just short of winning his heat race.

When the gate dropped on the main event, the 20-year-old German snatched his first holeshot of the year, pacing the 22-rider field for the first three trips around Petco Park. Roczen and Canard traded the top spot early on before Canard finally made it stick on Lap 4. The separation between the leaders stayed about the same until lapped traffic became part of the storyline on Lap 10, allowing Roczen to narrow the gap. On Lap 14, Roczen used the traffic to his advantage to close in on Canard’s rear fender. Three laps later, Roczen pressured Canard again but to no avail. Ultimately, lapped traffic played a role during the closing laps, keeping Roczen at bay just long enough for Canard to take the win.

“It was good to get my first holeshot of the year,” said Roczen who now trails point leader Ryan Dungey by nine with 11 races left. “That felt really good. Trey (Canard) just got me there. It was nice, fair racing. It was actually super fun. Some things that I noticed, over and over, are that I clipped jumps and made mistakes. It bummed me out a lot. I don’t know. Maybe it was a lack of focus a little bit. Fitness-wise, I felt good over the whole moto so that was good. I just needed that race to get back on the podium. Overall, it was really good. I’m really happy with a second-place. We gained a couple of points, which is good.”

While Roczen was pleased with the overall effort, he was also a bit critical of his own performance.

“At one point I was making so many mistakes I just said ‘Whoa. Just stay there and try to regroup.’” Roczen continued. “Overall, I felt good. Trey was a little faster than me in the beginning and I could still stay right there but towards the end, I was probably a little bit faster. All through the lappers, every time he’d gap me a little bit, I closed it right back up. He rode a solid race. Now, we can look forward to going back east.”

After taking last weekend off to rest the back injury he sustained in Oakland, Tickle performed notably at Petco Park. The Holly, Mich., rider had to race his way into the main event via the first 450SX semifinal where he finished second in an exciting, down-to-the-wire finish with Killian Rusk.

Tickle got out of the starting gate in the main event 13th and methodically worked his way into the top 10, to finish ninth. Admittedly, the 2011 Supercross West Coast Lites Champion couldn’t ride as hard as he’d hoped but at the end of the night, he took it in stride.

“I’m sore but pretty stoked with the way everything turned out,” said Tickle. “I really wasn’t feeling it from the get go. I kind of struggled with the track all day. I felt like I was riding fast but I really wasn’t. That’s not normally a good thing. So I just needed to try and get the best start I could in the main and weasel my way around to get in a good position to finish in the top 10. That was my goal after having missed last weekend.

“I’m pretty pumped with my night. Obviously, I wish I could have ridden a lot better and been better than what I was, but we made progress. We kind of took a shot in the dark for the main to get me a little more comfortable in the corners and through the whoops. The guys did a good job when they made that choice. I’m looking forward to this week and getting some more time on my RM-Z450 and hopefully head into Dallas this weekend 100 percent.”

Team co-owner Carey Hart liked what he saw from his team in San Diego and pointed out that resiliency was a key factor in his assessment.

“It was a great night,” commented Hart. “It was a good rebound from two pretty rough weekends. I feel like we had a really solid weekend. Ken was really responsive with the bike. We were able to make some changes over the course of the day. The only real downfall of the night were those five, kind of key laps, after Canard got around Ken. He put some really good laps together and then Ken had to play catch up for the rest of the race. Broc had a good night. He looked awesome in his semi and did what he needed to in the main. We can learn from those little mistakes but at the end of the day, a second and a ninth is solid. It was a good building weekend. We’ll keep rolling with this momentum into Dallas.”

Roczen, Tickle and the rest of the Monster Energy Supercross contingent dial up a trip to AT&T Stadium this weekend when the series visits Arlington, Texas and the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Round 7 of the 2015 Supercross Championship will be televised live on Fox Sports 1 Saturday, Jan. 17 beginning at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 8 p.m. Eastern.




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ANAHEIM, Calif. (February 2, 2015) – Ken Roczen and RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing bounced back from a disappointing race in Oakland with a solid fourth-place performance in Saturday night’s Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

While the end result left him one spot short of the podium and a bit melancholy after the event, the solid showing was an important about-face from his previous week’s performance. Although Roczen was pleased with his overall race effort Saturday night, the RCH Factory Suzuki rider was less than thrilled with how he performed out of the starting gate.

“I started out in practice not feeling the greatest, for some reason,” commented Roczen following the event. “I just felt a little bit off. In the heat race, I didn’t grab that good of a start but I could kind of sneak around and then I rode a good race. Same thing happened in the main. I had a horrible start. I don’t know what I was doing. Then (Blake) Baggett held me off for three or four laps and that’s when the guys in front gapped us. We caught them at one point but then I got passed by (Eli) Tomac on the last lap, which I’m not happy about. Basically, the starts are what really hurt me. It is what it is. We’re looking forward to this weekend. We finished fourth, which isn’t awesome but it’s ok.”

The 20-year-old German was third- and fifth-fastest, respectively, in each of his two qualifying sessions and finished second to eventual main-event winner Ryan Dungey in their heat race.

In the main event, Roczen struggled out of the starting gate before eventually settling into sixth in the running order. Throughout the 20-lap main, Roczen rode a smart, measured race and steadily worked his way up to third. Even though he yielded the final podium position to Tomac on the last lap, he still left Anaheim with a solid fourth-place finish.

“The whole day was kind of a struggle,” said Roczen’s mechanic Kelly Lumgair. “It took a while to get the track figured out and Ken might still be feeling it a little bit from Oakland. He got better the more he rode but a bad start in the main cost him a few positions. He worked his way up to a podium but Tomac passed him at the end and we finished fourth.”

After winning the first two races at Angel Stadium this season, RCH co-owner Carey Hart was optimistic heading into the event but he knows that any minor hiccup has the potential to derail a championship effort.

“I think Ken was just a little bit off all day,” explained Hart. “He just wasn’t flowing like he typically does. We have to buckle down this week and get the train back on the tracks and get ready for San Diego.”

Roczen’s RCH counterpart Broc Tickle wasn’t able to race this weekend after suffering a back injury at the Oakland Supercross. However, the 2011 Supercross West Coast Lites Champion was on hand to support his RCH stablemate with an eye toward San Diego.

“The track looked super-tough,” said Tickle. “It was hard to pass and all about the start. Sitting and watching drove me crazy but I’m really looking forward to this week. Hopefully, I can get on the bike and give positive feedback. The plan is to go to San Diego and pick back up where I left off before Oakland.”

Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, heads south from Anaheim down Interstate 5 this weekend to San Diego’s Petco Park – home of the San Diego Padres – and the last leg of the series’ West Coast swing. Round 6 of the 17-race Supercross schedule will be televised live on Fox Sports 1 Sat., February 7, beginning at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.





TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (January 29, 2015) – Ricky Carmichael University will visit a new campus in 2015 when the one a one-of-a-kind outdoor motocross riding school founded by Ricky Carmichael opens instruction at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, Tenn., July 10, 2015. The move marks a shift for RCU after operating at Red Bud MX for the last two years.

In November, RCU will travel to Australia for the fall term where Carmichael and tenured faculty members Jeff Emig and Jeff Stanton will lead an all-star lineup of instructors, offering riders of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to train with an elite group of championship-winning Motocross and Supercross riders. Exact dates and locations for RCU-AUS will be announced once details have been finalized.

“Everyone is pumped about how 2015 is shaping up for Ricky Carmichael University and the Carmichael Camps at my property,” said Carmichael. “We spent the last two years at Red Bud and that was a great opportunity to host RCU at one of the most famous motocross tracks in the country. But, after two years in one US location, it was time for something different. Muddy Creek is a beautiful facility but it’s challenging and that’s going to be important for our curriculum.

“We’re also excited to take RCU to Australia for the first time. Australia has a great motocross scene and I’ve never been down under before so that makes it even more special. I’m stoked to have Fro (Jeff Emig) and Jeff Stanton come along as part of the faculty again and we’ll have a couple special guest instructors to announce pretty soon.”

In addition to the new venues, Carmichael will host riders at his private training facility in Cairo, Ga., and open the former by-invitation-only event to the public for the first time. Limited to just 12 students per session, Carmichael Camp is a specialized training camp for the serious racer looking to improve his or her skills. Camp includes personal instruction from Carmichael, his mother Jeannie Carmichael as well as training sessions with Clint Freisen that focus on weight training, nutrition and hydration.

“Carmichael Camp is a lot of fun,” said Jeannie Carmichael. “It’s always been a private event so it will be fun to see some new faces and work with the next generation. We’ll have sessions for big bikes and little bikes so we can work with riders who are getting ready to make that next big step and with some who are just getting started. It’s going to be hard work and when we’re on the track for classroom sessions it’s all business, but at the same time, we always have fun.”

Emig, a four-time AMA National Champion, has been a staple at RCU since it’s inception and will continue his role as not only an instructor but as a key member of Carmichael’s advisory committee with an eye towards the future.

“Ricky has put together a really cool, one-of-a-kind, opportunity to not only ride with an incredibly talented group of instructors, but to interact and socialize with those guys,” explained Emig. “Can you imagine going to Indianapolis and having Rick Mears show you how to get through the short chute or having Jimmie Johnson teach you how to get on and off pit road? It’s really an amazing opportunity. It also offers me the opportunity to see and work with a lot of riders who will be moving up the ladder and possibly competing at the professional level. As a broadcaster, that’s a pretty neat opportunity to get to know and work with some of the guys who will be competing in Supercross and professional Motocross before long. There are so many cool elements. That’s a big reason why I’m always glad to help Ricky with these programs.”

The Carmichael Camps will host two sessions, March 11-13 and March 24-26. RCU at Muddy Creek Raceway will take place on July 10 while the November Australian dates and locations will be announced in the near future. Following the RCU at Muddy Creek will be Ricky Carmichael Day. Ricky will be on hand checking out the racing on Saturday and signing autographs. For more information or to register for Ricky Carmichael University or Carmichael Camp, log on


About Ricky Carmichael University … Ricky Carmichael University began in 2010 as an opportunity for riders of all ages and skill levels to learn from The-Greatest-of-All-Time, Ricky Carmichael. What originally began as a once-a-year event, operated in conjunction with the Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross at Daytona International Speedway, RCU has grown into an internationally acclaimed, world class riding school.

The faculty at RCU is literally a who’s who of the professional Supercross and Motocross world. Anchored by Carmichael, and fellow AMA SX and MX champions Jeff Emig and Jeff Stanton, RCU faculty focuses on key skill sets designed to improve every rider’s core techniques.

In 2015, RCU will host instruction at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, Tenn., for the first time on July 10 before heading to Australia for the fall term in November.

Tough Night For RCH Racing

Tickle Sidelined Early, Roczen Battles Back to Finish 16th

OAKLAND, Calif. (January 26, 2015) – If adversity builds character, then RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing left Oakland steeped in fortitude.

RCH Suzuki RM-Z450 riders Ken Roczen and Broc Tickle had hard-hitting nights and left the fourth race of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, bruised and battered but ultimately, none too worse for the wear.

Both Roczen and Tickle fell victim to the challenging Oakland race course at Coliseum, taking a hit in the final race rundown as well as the 450SX points. Roczen, who came into the event with a 12-point lead in the championship, now trails new leader Ryan Dungey by four, while Tickle slipped from seventh to 12th in the standings.

Much to everyone’s chagrin, the RCH duo’s collective night started out on the polar end of the spectrum from where it finished. Roczen picked up his first heat-race win of the year and Tickle finished third in the same heat, guaranteeing both riders choice spots at the starting gate for the main event.

Unfortunately, Tickle was caught up in a multi-bike melee heading into the first corner. Although the Holly, Mich., rider was able to recover quickly from the initial incident, he came up short on a triple later during the opening lap, forcing him back to the paddock and an early exit.

“I’m super-bummed on the way the night ended up,” said Tickle. “I had an awesome second practice qualifier and a great heat. The racing was awesome and the track felt great. Unfortunately, I crashed on the start in the main and was in the back of the pack. I got back going but I came up short on that triple and jammed my back. I was hoping to tough it out and salvage as many points as I could but my body was telling me something different. We’ll regroup this week so I can be at Anaheim next weekend ready to rock.”

As a precautionary measure, Tickle made a voluntary trip to nearby Sutter Eden Medical Center following the incident where he was examined, released and cleared to travel home with the team.

For his part, Roczen got a great jump out of the gate to start the main event and was solidly inside the top three for the opening circuits. But after setting up and making the pass for second on two-time 450SX champion Chad Reed, the 20-year-old German rider misjudged the same triple as Tickle, landing on the face of the jump and taking himself out of any chance for the win. Shaken but not broken, Roczen picked up his Suzuki, finished the race and earned a respectable 16th-place finish.

“My heat race was really good,” explained Roczen. “I got off to a great start in the main. Battled with (Chad) Reed and Shorty (Andrew Short) … Made the pass on Reed. And I just totally brain farted. I’m so mad at myself. I tried to triple and came up short. I hit my face and my goggles on my handlebar so I had to stop and just check myself for a minute. Luckily, I got back up and kept going. Those are important points.”

“We had a rough night,” commented team manager Kyle Bentley following the race. “Things aren’t always going to be perfect. Broc came up short on the same triple Kenny did. That’s racing. We’re just glad they’re both healthy. We’ll move on and regroup and be ready for Anaheim next weekend.”

Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, returns to Anaheim next weekend for the series’ third and final visit of the year to Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Race five of the 17-race Supercross schedule will be televised live on Fox Sports 1 Saturday, Jan. 31 beginning at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.





Roczen Earns Second Win of the Season, Tickle Fifth at Angel Stadium

ANAHEIM, Calif. (January 18, 2015) – RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing kept the momentum rolling Saturday night when Ken Roczen picked up the win and Broc Tickle finished fifth in the Monster Energy Supercross event at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

The win was Roczen’s second of the season and third career at Angel Stadium. Tickle’s fifth-place finish was his best effort of 2015, less than a year removed from a potentially career-ending injury he suffered last March in Toronto.

Despite Roczen’s first- and second-place finishes, respectively, in the first two races, the 20-year-old 450SX sophomore standout was cautiously optimistic before the gate dropped on the third main event of the year.

“My day started out a little bit rusty,” commented Roczen, who is undefeated at Anaheim this season. “The track was really special and not easy to ride. I knew, going into the track walk, not to get stressed about the first or second practice. The track really came around in the main. It was pretty tricky. We had some ruts out there and it was a big track with long lap times. That definitely made it interesting. We got good starts when we needed them, and I think everyone can see that my Suzuki RM-Z450 works awesome. We had a great heat race so I was very confident going into the main. I didn’t get the holeshot but I was still near the front after the start and that was all I really needed.”

Roczen was second fastest in both of Saturday’s qualifying sessions and, coincidentally, finished second to Ryan Dungey in the first 450SX heat race of the program. The solid effort in his heat guaranteed the German rider a spot at the starting gate for the main event. While he settled for second in the preliminaries, that wouldn’t be the case when the money was on the line. Jimmy Albertson won the holeshot but it took Roczen less than a lap to pass Albertston, Davi Millsaps and, ultimately, Andrew Short for the top spot. From there it was all Roczen, all night, where he led all 20 laps en route to the fourth big-bike win of his young career.

“Shorty (Andrew Short) is a hard guy to pass,” said Roczen, who extended his point lead to 12. “I didn’t really want to get tangled up behind him so I had to make the move. After that, I needed to ride smart but stay focused on intensity because everyone was really fast. My bike worked awesome. It felt great and that’s all that matters. We put in a few strong laps but I couldn’t rest because Ryan (Dungey) got a bit closer sometimes during the race. Overall, it was a really good night. It was good to fight back after last weekend. We’ll keep going and hopefully, just inch away with the points lead. As long as we’re winning, we’re good.”

Tickle had a solid weekend overall. The Holly, Mich., rider was solid in both of the weekend’s qualifying sessions but a sixth-place finish in his heat race forced Tickle to race his way through the first 450SX semifinal of the night.

If confidence breeds confidence, then Tickle’s path to the main event was just what the doctor ordered. After winning the holeshot in the semi, the 2011 Supercross West Coast Lites Champion led every lap and cruised to an easy victory. That performance catapulted Tickle to his best finish of the year and offered the 25-year-old a welcome sigh of relief after a tough outing last weekend in Phoenix.

“Everything went pretty good,” explained Tickle after Round 3. “The semi set the tone for the night. Honestly, I haven’t gotten a holeshot in a couple of years. And winning the semi was important. All that confidence carried over into the main. All I did was go out there, try to ride 20 solid laps and it paid off. There was a lot of carnage midway through the race so I just tried to keep my pace going and look forward. (Justin) Barcia was close to me and I knew if I stayed close to him that I would leave a gap behind me. That was my goal and that’s kind of what happened. (Cole) Seely started catching me at the end but I still had some left in the tank, so I opened it up a little bit and gapped him just enough where I could cruise the last couple of laps. It was an awesome main event. It gives me goose bumps getting off the bike after a finish like that. I really appreciate everyone who stuck with me after the injury last year.”

RCH co-owner Carey Hart was on hand in Anaheim when the dust settled and was obviously proud of both his riders.

“The whole night is really bittersweet,” said Hart. “With Ken getting the win and to see Broc come back and finish fifth after the year he had last year is just awesome. I’m not sure who I’m happier for.

“I’m excited about next week,” continued Hart. “We’ve got a lot of momentum. Broc did great. He’s really getting his starts down. The win was a good boost for Ken to keep his confidence up. We’ll get back on the test track this week, put in the work and come into Oakland next weekend, rolling.”

Team manager Kyle Bentley was also pleased following the event but he was quick to credit the ongoing team effort that provides Tickle and Roczen with Suzuki RM-Z450s that perform at the highest level.

“I’m super excited,” said Bentley. “I couldn’t be more proud of Ken. He puts in the work during the week but I’m even happier for Broc. I’m super stoked for the whole team. We’ve put in a lot of work and a lot of effort. It’s a team deal. I also need to give credit to Ivan Tedesco for helping us during the week and getting our bike setups dialed in. I’m almost speechless. It’s a long season so we just need to keep rolling.”

The 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross heads up the Pacific Coast to Oakland next weekend when Roczen, Tickle and the rest of the RCH contingent trek to northern California for the first of two annual visits to the San Francisco Bay Area. The fourth of 17 races on the 2015 Supercross schedule will be televised live on Fox Sports 1 Saturday, Jan. 24, beginning at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.







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