Mate, right now you’re in the car on the way to the airport to grab a flight to New Zealand for the remaining Nitro Circus stops. Was that planned or are you filling in for the injured Cam Sinclair?

Yeah, I was first reserve for the tour. I spoke to the athlete manager after Cam hurt himself and originally they were just going to roll without him there, but I got a call last week saying they wanted to add another person into their trains and syncro sections, so I was fortunate enough to get the call to head over.

We just scored some pics of you riding at Cam’s demo at the Melbourne Casino and also riding with the Hart and Huntington boys down there, so it looks like you’ve been busy… Have you been doing a lot of riding though?

Yeah, lately I’ve found the fun in riding again. So I’ve been riding more than I usually would and having a ball doing it. That gig at the Casino was awesome and getting to ride with the other hart boys is always good fun.

Are you still working mate or are you making a crust out of riding at the moment?

At the moment it’s pretty much just riding. My boss is kinda funny… He’s usually down with me going away on tour or something, but when I get back he’s over it and usually lays me off. (laughs) So right now, yeah, it’s just the riding. It’s all good though, the money’s there at the moment and we just bought a house so I can’t complain.

Is the plan to jump on the regional Nitro Tour as well?

Yep, I’ve had a contract for that tour for a while now. I’ll be doing every stop of the Australian regional tour, which is awesome. I love being on tour with those guys.

Have all these tours and shows motivated you to learn some new tricks or revive some old ones again?

For sure. For the regional tour I’ll have my Cordova flips back and I want to be throwing KOD flips again. I started doing them just before Christmas again, but one went crooked on me and I went down and broke my finger. A broken finger has to be one of the most annoying injuries ever and it’s still all jacked up now. It’s stuck in the one position, but luckily they set it with a bend so I can still hang onto the grip fine.

You seem to have pretty good longevity in your career mate. What do you put that down to?

I think having the kids made me focus a lot more. That was the motivation for me to get fit, which helps me enjoy riding the bike more. I love the travelling around and I get to bring the family with me a lot of the time, which makes it even better. It’s almost like a work/holiday sometimes, so if I can keep doing it and stay fit and injury free I’ll keep doing it as long as I can.

Still got a few more years left in ya?

(laughs) Yeah, the old dog still has a few more in him.